Twenty-four of the most exciting voices in genre fiction bring you the world and the stars, each in their own individual way.


Stories that explore the vast grandeur of the universe, worlds close to us, worlds far in the distance. Alternate Earths, colonies in the sky, engineered worlds, mystical battlegrounds, pirate seas, underground caverns, journeys in time and across the stars.

"These stories make the mind ponder the possibilities on how futuristic inventions can change the dynamics of the human race. "


"This compilation offers very different writing styles and approaches to the fantasy and sci-fi realms. A few of them definitely had a "Twilight Zone" type of feel. It gave a sense of reality, that something like this could happen, but will it? A couple had some twists, and the great thing is that if one story is not to your liking, then there are plenty more great concepts."


" Each author had their own unique style. Every story was visually creative & different."


"An excellent collection of stories, ranging from near-future reproductive politics to very hard far-future SF."





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Deborah Jay, at Eastercon 2015, talking a little about the anthology and how it came into being.

Excerpt from the editor's introduction


For the purposes of this anthology, the distinction between science fiction and fantasy did not interest me greatly. The imagination of the author is paramount, their purpose in telling the story, and the craft with which they execute their idea. One thing I felt compelled to contribute was a paragraph to introduce each story, to set the tone for the reader before they launch in. In a book as diverse as this one, I think it is helpful for the reader to know there is a guiding hand at work, to feel a sense of purpose in the way the stories have been arranged and that the journey is one for which there was indeed a map and a plan.






Foreword: Turning the Cards - Mike Ashley


Introduction - Chris Butler


Mitochondrial Mom - John Frizell


Ondralume - Tanith Lee


Substitutes - Colin P. Davies


Glittering Spires - Elizabeth Counihan


From the Point of View of the Dog - Daniel Kaysen


MS Found in a Kangian Wintercamp - Sue Thomason


The Battery Caverns - Nigel Brown


Dusking - Liz Williams


Golty’s Burrow - Paul Laville


Perfect Fit  -Deborah Jay


Ten Thousand Moons of Howling - Gareth Caradoc Owens


The Disappeared - Sarah Singleton


The Madness of Pursuit, the Desire of Lonely Hearts - Carmelo Rafala


We Shelter - Leigh Kennedy


Micro Expressions - Stephen Gaskell


Filtered - Jenny Davies


A Visit to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Évora, Portugal - Alex Robinson


Dark - Deirdre Counihan


The Return of Odysseus - Peter T. Garratt


The Court of High Renown - Cherith Baldry


Last Resting Place - Matt Colborn


Mayfly - Heather Lindsley


The Smart Minefield - Chris Butler


By Starlight - Rebecca J. Payne